Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Overdue Update

So, I noticed my last post here is dated December of 2014, and now it's January 2017. I guess I should make a new post, just to let anyone know I'm still alive.
So, what new update will I share?

I have finished a novel that I am under contract to have published!

That's right: I have signed a contract with Azoth Khem Publishing to have one of my stories published. 

I have just put the final words down in the file

Now, I just have to go through and make sure I left no holes and match the happenings from one chapter to the next. Originally, I submitted the story with 18,500 words, plus or minus, and left it with a cliffhanger ending. I had thoughts of writing a series.

As per their guidelines, a novella needed to be at least 30,000 words, so when I found the Editor, Kasey Dawn Hill needed a little time to get to it. I decided to try to get some more words down to get closer to what they wanted.

Now, I have just under 60,000 words and have made what I consider a satisfying (to me, anyway) ending for it.

So, when I get done scanning through it, I'll send the updated file in and we'll see how it goes. If nothing else, I have given them up to 20,000-word leeway to slice and dice the heck out of it.

I'll try to post a followup here when I get a decision, or a final Publish date and links when I have them available.

Until then,

Thanks for reading!